• Newbury 365 launched

    A new history book, Newbury 365, was launched at West Berkshire Museum on Saturday 14th October 2015. The book, written by Dr Nick Young, details at least one historical event that took place on each day of the year. The book covers every day events, the English Civil War, murder and much more. For...


  • Making a difference

    Making a difference

    This year, 2014, has been chaos. I will post a full review in a later post but recently I have been reminded that what I do in the community makes a difference. In 2011 I had the honour of being presented with a Gold Civic Award for my community work, namely my involvement with Thatcham Historical...


  • Newbury Then and Now

    Newbury Then and Now

    Many people now know about my book “Thatcham Then and Now” that was published in 2012 by The History Press. Well there is now another one, "Newbury Then and Now" that I have written. It should be on the shelves the week commencing the 12th August 2013.  W.H.Smith and Waterstones in Newbury...


  • Heartstart Thatcham's First Beat!

    Heartstart Thatcham

    Anyone who reads my blog, knows me or reads the local press will know I have been trying to set-up a Heartstart Scheme in Thatcham. Well that has now, after a year, happened.


  • Thatcham Then and Now Launch

    Thatcham Then and Now

    Many people now know about my book, “Thatcham Then and Now.” It is set to launch later this week at an event on 26th July 2012, 7pm at Frank Hutchings Community Hall in Thatcham. I am giving a short talk at the launch, presenting a few of the books to certain people and then Thatcham Family...


  • Family Tree Charts (part 1)

    The Mount's of Thatcham

    Family history is, and has been, a growing hobby for a long time for a great many people. For the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures this year, 2012, we decided to focus one talk on Family History, although almost every talk notes various well known locals. As such I thought rather than producing the...


TV/Film Review: Space

Space DVD cover

I have long been interested in astronomy and have eagerly followed developments such as Beagle and Hubble. Many discoveries and advances have been made, which are nicely packaged in to a short series on Space, presented by Sam Niell. The series takes a detailed look at objects in space including...


Apr 26, 2009

Useful: ePhotoZine

If you are in to photography, in a big or small way, then why not take a look at ePhotoZine. This website has many tutorials for photographers of all levels, a forum where you can discuss various topics and get help as well as an online gallery where you can have your work critiqued.


Apr 20, 2009

What If: DNA

What if the structure of DNA had not been discovered, or had been discovered 100 years earlier? Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) stores the information that tells cells how to develop and what their function is. Without this, life as we know it is not possible. It was in 1951 that James Watson and...


Apr 15, 2009

TV/Film Review: Planet Earth

Planet Earth DVD cover

Few people or series can claim they have changed the way we look at the world. One person that can is David Attenborough and although he has been breaking new ground on every series he has produced and/or narrated, one of the best is arguably Planet Earth.


Apr 13, 2009

Site Down and Free PSD conversion

This site and others were down earlier today due to issues with the server that the hosting company quickly rectified. I appologise for any issues this has caused. I have (re)developed a couple of websites over the last few months/years including Thatcham Online, Thatcham Historical Society,...


Apr 13, 2009



NetBeans is a free, open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It supports a wide range of languages including PHP, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, Ruby and Groovy. The software will run on Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris. So this can give you one common, easy to use interface  on all of...


Apr 10, 2009