Photo of Nick YoungWelcome to my website. I am a keen photographer and historian, interested mainly in pre-historic and British.

I obtained a PhD with research conducted in the Signal and Image Processing Group (SIPG) at the University of Bath. My main research involved developing noise reduction and preprocessing methods for digital images and video using Mathematical Morphology. The research also delved into 'Psycho-visually Lossless' preprocessing for digital images. Whilst at university, I also became a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET).

I was the chairman (2010 - 2012) of Thatcham Historical Society, for which I also run the web site (www.thatchamhistoricalsociety.org.uk) and have been involved with for over a decade. I also head a sub-committee/event, the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures which started in 2010. I also have also sat on the steering group of Thatcham Vision, for which I provide IT support but perhaps more importantly for me, heritage views.  As of May 2013 I also run, as the Scheme Coordinator, Heartstart Thatcham, a group that teaches, for free, Emergency Life Support (ELS) to members of the public.

I have been a teacher/lecturer at Newbury College which involved teaching networking (networking, network operating systems, network design & administration, network project, wide area networks), website design, object oriented programming (with C++), and systems software to BTEC First, National Diploma and Higher National Diploma students. 

I have a great deal more community involvement, volunteering engagement, and business experience, but you don't want to hear all that...