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Upgrading to Drupal 7


So it is no secret that Drupal 7 is out, and has been worth the wait. The only snag is now I have to upgrade my themes to Drupal 7! I did start this process a while ago, but that was at a time when the API was still changing. Anyway,...



Okay so 2011 is getting closer and still many of the projects I wanted to do this year have yet to be finished, or started in some cases. A few I have just given up on and put the domain names up for sale on sedo. I thought it would...



So the last few months have been chaos, both work wise and with personal projects.  Mid October I was heavily involved with Thatcham Festival of Arts and Leisure, I have been working hard with my two teams to organise the programmes...



Recently I visited the Apple store in Basingstoke and had a play with the iPad. Whilst there I heard various comments about the iPad and iPhone from staff and customers. The primary one was the lack of support for flash. I tend to...

Useful: W3Schools


There are many HTML (and associated technologies) websites available. For the beginer they all look good and valid.  Some of these though are written by people who really do not have a clue, have not proof-read, have not their...

Book Review: Transcending CSS


Too many website developers still code their websites for older browsers. For example some still build their websites aiming them at Internet Explorer 5 or even earlier and then add additional functionality for newer browsers. This...

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