I have been publishing since 2002 when I started with technical papers on digital image and video processing. Since then I have written articles for local and national magazines, history guides for local town councils, training materials for businesses, and more. Many of these, the history and Heartstart materials, have also resulted in radio interviews with a number of local and national radio stations. Below is a list of many of some of my publications.


  • N. Gregory & N. Young, ‘Thatcham The Great War 1914-1918‘, Thatcham: Thatcham Town Council, November 2018.
  • N. Gregory & N. Young, ‘A Tour of Thatcham Soldiers‘, Thatcham: Thatcham Town Council, November 2018.
  • N. Young, ‘Newbury 365’, LuLu, October 2015
  • N. Young, ‘Newbury Then and Now’, Stroud: The History Press, August 2013.
  • N. Young, ‘Thatcham Then and Now’, Stroud: The History Press, July 2012.
  • P. Allen, S. Broughton, T. Higgott and N. Young, ‘Thatcham: an historic town in a changing world’, Thatcham: Thatcham Historical Society, October 2009.

Conference Papers

  • N. Young and A. N. Evans, ‘Spatio-temporal attribute morphology filters for noise reduction in image sequences’, in Proceedings International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), September 2003.
  • N. Young and A. N. Evans, ‘Digital video pre-processing with multi-dimensional attribute morphology’, in Proceedings IEE Visual Information Engineering Conference (VIE), Guildford, Surrey, UK, July 2003, pp.89 – 92.
  • N. Young and A. N. Evans, ‘Image Noise Reduction using Attribute Morphology Filters’, Proceedings IEEE EURASIP Workshop on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing , Grado, Italy, June 2003.
  • N. Young and A. N. Evans, ‘Psycho-visually tuned area-morphology tools for improved image compression’, in Proc. International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology (ISMM), Manly, Sydney, Australia, pp. 185-195, April 2002.


Magazine Articles

  • N. Young, Thatcham: Britains oldest inhabited settlement?, In Newbury: Newbury BID, 2015
  • N. Young, ‘An introduction to Content Management Systems’, Micro Mart, 2010
  • N. Young, ‘Network Protocols: An Introduction’, Micro Mart, Issue 1085, December 2009
  • N. Young, ‘Introduction to Digital Compression’, Micro Mart, Issue 1083, November 2009
  • N. Young, ‘The Mega-ITX project’, CustomPC, December 2005


  • Thatcham: Chapel Street, a historic walkabout produced for Heritage Open Days 2019
  • Thatcham History (various), Buzz Magazine, September 2017 – May 2019
  • Thatcham History, Thatcham Town Guide 2017
  • Thatcham History, Thatcham Town Guide 2015
  • Thatcham History, Thatcham Town Guide 2013
  • Thatcham Historical Society Newsletter, 2004 – 2011
  • (Editor) Journal of Thatcham Historical Society, July 2007

I have written numerous articles on computing, local history covering Thatcham and Newbury as well as first aid for local magazines. Articles have appeared in the Thatcham Town Guide, Thatcham Connections, Buzz Magazine and Out & About along with national websites (see Thatcham – the oldest in Britain? on the BBC). In addition I was also editor for the “Journal of Thatcham Historical Society.”