Dusnton House as seen in c.1798.

The Dunston Estate

I have mentioned Dunston House/Estate before, however in preparing for a new historical plaque to mark the location of the site I have been conducting more research. This post documents some of that research. Please do note this is a brief account and some details may be left out. I plan to continue the research …

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Thatcham House

Listed, Lasted, Lost (part 1)

There have been many historic buildings in Thatcham, some are still there while others have been demolished, some have been listed (nationally or locally), some are scheduled monuments, but what does it all mean and what do we have in Thatcham? What does listed building mean? Before we get to what a listed building is, …

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Saxon Thatcham by Nick Young

Rethinking Saxon Thatcham

Most local history resources will tell you modern Thatcham stems from the Saxon period, and rightly so. We know from the written record Thatcham, the name at least, is Saxon in origin. Many also believe that any remains of the Saxon settlement lay underneath the modern town centre, namely the Broadway and High Street, but …

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Thatcham Parish Hall. Photograph by Nick Young, August 2019.

A Library in Thatcham

A parochial lending library was setup in 1843 and was to see to the spiritual needs of the poor[1]. Thatcham had another library in 1849 created by Mrs Barfield of Priory House, now The Priory, and opened on 8th November 1849[2]. This was a circulating library, you paid a subscription to use the service. This …

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Thatcham War Memorial, 2018. Photograph by N Young.

Thatcham War Memorial

I have mentioned Thatcham War Memorial before but have had a number of queries since that post. A short history is given in this post. The Great War, or First World War, saw a large portion of the population of Thatcham go to war and a large number never returned. After the war ended Thatcham, …

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Crookham House

Crookham House

Crookham is one of the 16 or so manors of Thatcham listed in Domesday. The Lord of the manor both before and after the Norman Conquest was Alwi Ceuresbert (there are variations on the spelling). The manor became the property of Reading Abbey around 1125 and was sub-let to Fitz Herbert family, one of whom …

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