Blog entries for February 2017

Amiga USB Floppy

Amiga USB Floppy

I have now dropped all previous hardware (i.e. Arduino, LoRaWAN, Raspberry Pi, etc.) projects. Few seem to be progressing, most have been surpassed and so decision made to drop them all. I am starting just one new one. There are a stack of old Amiga floppy disks that go with my trusty old Commodore Amiga …

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The Kings Head

The Kings Head

It is not known when the King’s Head first served the public although it has been suggested it dates to the reign of King Charles I. I have a big issue with this as one source in particular said the suggestion comes from the fact that the pub sign depicts King Charles I. Sorry but …

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The New Inn, Chapel Street, Thatcham.

Thatcham Pub History

I have a number of local history books I am researching and writing. These are all based on Thatcham including Cold Ash, Ashmore Green and Crookham and some might also include Greenham, Midgham and other areas. Some of the topics I am researching include the changing boundaries, the complete history, the mills, the farms, the …

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Did Thomas Barrie keep his ears?

Two years ago I wrote a post “Thomas Barrie, pillory, death and a ghost” the story of a Donnington almsman who allegedly spread false rumours that King Henry VIII was dead. Since then I have made enquiries with several other historians including David Ford at Royal Berkshire History who put me onto the Letters and Papers, Henry …

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