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Thatcham Road Names

History is all about us with one often overlooked piece of evidence being in the road and field names. Many of the modern road names have an historic connection, for example Danvers Close is named after Sir William Danvers of Chamberhouse. Lady Ann Danvers, after the death of her husband had a Chapel at St. Mary’s church built in his memory. This was in c.1530. Many other modern road names have similar connections, Ashman Road, Skillman Drive and Thackeray Lane are just a few. Some refer to people or families, others to places.

Then there are names that are truly ancient in origin. Church Lane, a name that can be found in many villages and towns and was known as ‘la Cherchelane’ in the 14th century. The meaning in this case is simple the road, or lane, leading to the church.

Then there are West, East and South Streets. West Street is the High Street and part of Bath Road and is the road that goes to the west. East Street as you may by now have guest if Chapel Street and South Street possibly the bottom end of the Broadway. Some, such as West Street, have had many other names such as Crown Street named so after the inn that was once present and East Street also known as Duck Street for a period.