Picture of walking boots.

Bandera Summer Review

So Back in April I posted (see this post) my initial thoughts on the Hi-Tec Bandera Lite WP. They have now been in use since March and so I thought i would give an update on them.


These were sent to me by Hi-Tec Europe to review. However this review is my honest opinion and findings of using them.

I have used the boots now in most conditions and on a wide range of surfaces. I have been through common land covered in gravel and scrub, they have been through woodland, on the beech (and in the sea!) and on hard surfaces including path, road, rock (see photos below).

Compared to my Hi-Tec Hillside these are a step up. My feet feel cooler and dryer. With the Hillside I could feel my left foot loose, with this pair both feet are secure and do not slip inside the boot. Comfort wise they are not bad, I find them soft enough to give that cushion effect when walking but not too soft that you feel all the stones under your feet. The bottom of the boot is wearing very well (see photos above) and although a minor point the laces have not yet worn through, a problem I have found with previous boots. They have been used in all this heat and although feet do get warm, they are holding out well. I know someone is bound to ask, blisters! No I have not had any major blister issues.


So for a quick summary:

  • Comfort: For a boot not bad and no blisters when using them.
  • Durability: I have been using these since March through sun, sand, sea, mud and more. Showing very little wear so far.
  • Value for money: Good.

Bottom line is I like these, they are durable and comfortable.