Long lost Thatcham pubs

I have uncovered and documented a number of Thatcham (including Cold Ash, Ashmore Green, Colthrop and Crookham) pubs, a few though still remain elusive. This post will name some of those that I have little for. This is a very brief summary of some of the pubs, I make a few assumptions and I have a lot more work to do to uncover the truth behind many of these.

The Turk’s Head

This appears in newspapers from 1838 to 1840 and appears to be kept by Mr Tuggy. In 1841 Mr Tuggy is living in New Town so could this be the same pub as the Black Horse?

The Bell and The King’s Arms

A plot known as “le Belle” was in 1476 situated at the east end of West Street. This is today the High Street so would be somewhere in the area of the White Hart. It is not know if it was a pub at that time but certainly was when Robert Humphreys was fined in 1616 and also Robert Taylor of The King’s Arms. It is believed that the King’s Arms was extensively renovated or demolished and became the King’s Head, but this is just an assumption. There is a legal case in 1690 mentioning the Bell. But after this in 1772 there is mention of land formerly belonging to the Bell and no mention of the pub. 

The Bull

The Bull is mentioned in 1617 and alongside the Bell in 1619. It was then in the hands of Richard Bushnell. One local historian has noted this specifically as an “Ale house”. 

The George

A tenement is names as the Sign of the George in 1594, presumably an Inn at this time although unconfirmed. It is last mentioned in 1667 but between these dates there are deaths at the George, one of a man traveling from London on the highway. Presumably this places the George on the Great West Road (A4).


There are a number of what I assume are beerhouses dotted around. One is noted as being in Chapel Street in 1869 under Mrs Mary Harris who was also a baker. This “nameless” beerhouse as the papers record it was then transferred to various people and at present is last seen in 1874.


There are dozens of other pubs I am still researching. For example I know there was a pub on the west side of the Broadway but finding details is difficult. However this might be connected, i.e. the tap room, of Broad Street Brewery which was present in the 1860’s.