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Reputed manor of Henwick

Reputed manor of Henwick

Was Henwick a manor? One question I get asked and it is complicated. In short yes there is a Henwick manor, but should there have been one? Background Thatcham was a manor but in the late 13th century, it is thought, a charter of incorporation was granted making a borough. Thus there were two manors. …

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Henwick: What's in a name?

Henwick: What’s in a name?

I typically get asked about Henwick at many of the local history (Thatcham and Newbury) talks I give. Questions include where is it? Does it exist? Where was the manor? What does its name mean? I will cover this in two posts starting with the name. Monk’s Dairy Farm Margaret Gelling, who investigated place names, …

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St Luke's or St Mary's?

St Luke’s or St Mary’s?

Most towns have a place of religious worship, a church or chapel for example. Thatcham is no different and Kemp1 suggested that Thatcham might have been a Minster Church. That is the main church for the whole area. In c.1304 a chapel, St Thomas’, was built at the east end of the town, what today is …

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The Kings Head

The Kings Head

It is not known when the King’s Head first served the public although it has been suggested it dates to the reign of King Charles I. I have a big issue with this as one source in particular said the suggestion comes from the fact that the pub sign depicts King Charles I. Sorry but …

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Thatcham Pub History

I have a number of local history books I am researching and writing. These are all based on Thatcham including Cold Ash, Ashmore Green and Crookham and some might also include Greenham, Midgham and other areas. Some of the topics I am researching include the changing boundaries, the complete history, the mills, the farms, the …

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