First Aid Kit Comparison

For those that do not know I have been into first aid and walking for a long time, indeed I am the Scheme Coordinator and an instructor for Heartstart Thatcham.  I am planning on a few walks, some long ones done over several days, in the future. I will be doing them, and other events, to raise money for various charities.

Getting to the point, I like to be prepared and have the right gear, not just boots, backpack and so on, but a First Aid Kit. I have always used LifeSystems kits, they have served me well and have proved to be tough and durable.

My current kit needed updating, some items that I would now like to include, so I thought I would invest in a new kit. One thing I wanted to do was to get a good look, a comparison, of ALL of the LifeSystem kits in one go. Sadly this is not possible (at the time of writing) so I decided to put a comparison together. With permission from LifeSystems, I have included the comparison below so others may benefit from it.

Life Systems Comparison 2013
Life Systems Comparison 2013

This gives a clear overview of what you get in each kit. None of the kits have exactly what I want, it is unlikely you will ever find a kit that matches what you want. For example I would like a CPR shield, SAM Splint and a few other items. Now there are two possibilities. First is to select the kit that matches my needs most closely and supplement it, the issue then is will the case be large enough for everything. Or secondly is to buy a case, yes LifeSystems do an empty case, and build a kit from scratch.

This is something I am still working on, you need to cost the options up, be aware of the size, and ensure what you are getting fits your needs. I will document how I get on in the New Year, but for the time being, enjoy the comparison.


I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the comparison, I have done my best to ensure it is accurate, but if you use it you do so on the understanding I accept no responsibility for how or why you use it or the accuracy. Secondly, I have no link with LifeSystems. The list is correct at the time of publishing, however contents may change in the future.