Getting into LoRaWAN

Getting into LoRaWAN

LoRa seems to be getting everywhere and I recently found I needed to remotely monitor some items. Nothing major, temperature, light level and possibly a few switches. There would be more to these units which will record locally and where possible relay via the internet. Some units have no or limited internet access and thus …

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First Aid Kit Comparison

First Aid Kit Comparison

For those that do not know I have been into first aid and walking for a long time, indeed I am the Scheme Coordinator and an instructor for Heartstart Thatcham.  I am planning on a few walks, some long ones done over several days, in the future. I will be doing them, and other events, to …

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Referencing: Vancouver (Part 3)

This is the third and final part of the referencing psots. In part 1 I discussed what referencing is and why it is needed, then in part 2 I introduced one way of referencing, the Harvard method. In this part I introduce the second referencing method, Vancouver. Vancouver referencing tends to be used for technical documentation, but can be used anywhere.  …

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Referencing: Harvard (Part 2)

In the previous referencing post, I gave a short overview of what referencing is and why it is needed. This time we will take a look at how to reference using the Harvard method. Harvard referencing tends to be used for non-technical documentation, but can be used anywhere. Firstly, lets say you have read the book …

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Referencing – Part 1

So what is referencing and why should I use it? Well simply put, referencing is referring to another piece of work. This could be your own or someone else’s. There are many reasons to use it, perhaps the two most important are that you acknowledge you have extended the work of others and secondly you …

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